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Science Screen Report

Science Screen Report OnLINE 2018 Update

It’s been another successful year providing the SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT video series to middle and high schools in the state of Florida.  Entering our 15th year of support, partner, Allegro Productions, is working with schools to complete the switch-over from DVD to the FHEA Online STEM News Channel.   

Feedback from students, teachers, and supervisors has been positive.  The format used provides immediate access to the FHEA sponsored SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT episodes, teacher guides, and additional information about each topic.  The platform is expandable and can include information from our member hospitals, as well as the FHEA. As our educational presence online expands, we will have the opportunity to reach out to students who are future patients, doctors, nurses, facility managers, administrators, and community leaders.

This vital message that STEM – SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS – is a critical part of the world in which we live, work, and play is paramount to giving Florida – and America – a competitive edge while being a global leader in STEM.  FHEA is providing help to educators who “teach” today’s visual smart-phone learners about the role of STEM in our everyday lives.  Our support of the SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT and STEM education also has an added benefit of helping to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps too often found in math and science fields.

Our participation in Florida is part of a bigger, national collective of corporations, foundations, and organizations that reach more than 25,000,000 students each school year.  Daniel A. MacFarland, Supervisor of Secondary Science at Hillsborough County Public Schools, one of the largest districts in the state, said, “Our schools serve over 100,000 students in grades six through twelve with a diverse population of students who bring a variety of interests and needs.  The donation of SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT OnLINE has been well received and this valuable resource of online videos that can be used for enrichment, extension of learning, remediation, and most importantly, inspiration.  Improving STEM education within our schools relies on organizations like the Florida Healthcare Engineering Association.  Such a partnership provides the link between the student and a possible career.”

Helen Muir, the assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Putnam County Schools, said,   “Thank you for providing the sponsorship that enables us to use the videos and teacher guides to enrich science instruction. The Florida Healthcare Engineering Association’s support makes it possible for teachers to provide learning experiences that may very well lead to students deciding to pursue careers in engineering.”

Other educators throughout the state have expressed their appreciation to the FHEA for their participation and support of the SCREEN SCIENCE REPORT.  Cynthia Dunham-Derheimer, a specialist in science curriculum and instruction for Charlotte County Public Schools, said, “The high interest examples, relating elements to human health, are engaging and relevant.” 

Some of the SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT episodes released in 2017 - 18 school included:  Biomedical Engineering, 21st Century Breakthroughs; Chemistry, Periodic Table of the Elements Part 6; Energy, Powering Smart Cities; Engineering, Studying Automation & Mechatronics; Computer Science, Simulation & Gaming Innovations; Environment, The Science Within Our Forests; Robotics, Careers in Engineering; and Medicine, Stem Cells Saving Lives.

Topics for 2018 – 19 include Environmental Engineering, Protecting the People; Chemistry, Exploring Atoms & Molecules; Engineering, The Electric Vehicle Revolution; Physics, The Science of Lasers; Medical Science, Understanding Tissues & Organs; and Energy, Creating Power from the Oceans. 

In order to get the word to schools about the availability of materials, our senior education coordinator, Karen Douglas, based in Delray Beach, is in constant contact with educators via email and telephone.  E-newsletters are sent to schools throughout the year informing them of new releases and links for information that support previously released episodes. 

Representing more than 800,000 students, over 1000 middle and high schools have confirmed their use of the SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT.  Each episode is produced with an advisory panel of dedicated educators and curriculum specialists who help control the quality of the content as well as the way it supports current science units and state and national science standards. 

Because STEM is so important for our children, state, and country, students currently in our educational systems need to be motivated to understand and embrace new technology that will have an impact on them every day.  Students should be advised on the importance of taking as many science and math courses in middle and high school as possible - and these courses need to be taught by enthusiastic teachers using exciting curriculum and activities such as those offered by SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT.  Making science and math courses fun and interesting will not only help students to learn, but might also plant the “seed of interest” that will lead to continued studies in the sciences making a better tomorrow for Florida.

Thanks to you, our FHEA members, for your generous support and participation in this very worthwhile and important project.​​
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